Website Audit Tool

Web Pages Overview

To find SEO chances, review your web page analysis report:

  • View the number of SEO issues discovered as well as the SEO score for each landing page.
  • Google’s ranking for page speed and mobile friendliness.
  • An average Google page ranking for the keywords you’ve chosen.
  • The number of visitors this website has sent your way in the past 30 days, and more. 

Advice: Choose the landing pages with the highest average Google ranking and address any SEO problem identified by Webie’s SEO analyzer tool. Improve your rankings

On-Page SEO Check

For each landing page you are optimizing, get a thorough SEO audit report:

  • Discover all the significant SEO concerns on your page.
  • Dive farther receive a thorough explanation of each SEO problem and full, simple “How to Fix” instructions.
  • Verify each landing page for responsiveness to mobile devices, a functional URL structure, schema markup, open graph markup, broken links, the inclusion of keywords in all important areas of the page, page size, page speed, and other factors.

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

  • Verify that your titles and description tags contain the right keywords on every page of your website. Make sure they are unique (no duplicate content concerns) and long enough (to prevent truncation in the search results).
  • The h1 tag is used properly.
  • Image alt tags are used.
  • There are no incorrect characters in page URLs.
  • Robots.txt and an XML sitemap are present, among other things.

Advice: The Site Structure report compiles all of the pages of the assessed websites.

Check if Your Website Has Technical Issues

Get a full SEO report about technical issues that could harm your website’s performance in the SERPs by conducting an extensive website audit with Webie:

  • Page Not Found issues
  • Broken image links
  • Server issues
  • Page access issues
  • Broken anchors
  • Broken JavaScript Files
  • Broken CSS Files
  • Broken links in CSS styles
  • Mixed Content

Analyze Your Website Now

Page Speed Test

To ensure that your page loads quickly and has a high page speed rating, check its loading speed.

In addition to being one of the ranking elements for the Google Search index, page speed is crucial for the user experience:

  • Find the problems that are causing your page load time to take longer.
  • Find out how to improve page performance and cure each problem with concrete recommendations.
  • View the historical trend in the desktop page performance optimization score.

Mobile Optimization

  • Verify the mobile friendliness of your pages.
  • On mobile devices, check the page’s speed.
  • Get advice on how to fix difficulties with mobile SEO that could affect the ranks of your landing pages in mobile search.

Recommendation: Once you’ve finished with mobile SEO, make sure to use Webie’s Rank Tracking tool to monitor your mobile ranks.

Top Pages from Search Console

  • Learn more from the popular pages report based on information from the Google search dashboard.
  • Discover precisely which pages serve as landing pages (those that get the most hits, impressions, etc.).
  • Investigate whether traffic is directed to more important pages or whether the landing pages you have optimized are the most popular. You may improve traffic to your target pages by improving your site’s structure and landing page optimization plan with the aid of data analysis.

Visualize Your SEO Progress

Some of the most crucial parameters from the reports generated by the landing page SEO analysis tool are included in the SEO analysis widgets (charts in the tool summary):

  • Top 5 Best Optimized Landing Pages
  • 5 Worst Optimized Landing Pages
  • Landing Pages Issues over Time
  • 5 Worst Pages by Mobile Speed Score
  • Top 5 Pages by Mobile Speed Score
  • 5 Worst Pages by Desktop Page Speed Score
  • Top 5 Pages by Desktop Speed Score
  • Landing Pages by Page Optimization
  • Page Speed Insights

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